Dogs are good for us: International Dog Day 26 August

There is a wealth of evidence proving what dog owners already know – our pets are good for us. Dogs have a proven effect on stress and anxiety, and studies have concluded that dog owners are less prone to depression and heart disease.

Dogs are a popular pet, with 28 percent of New Zealand households sharing their homes with at least one dog. Studies show that owners have lower blood pressure, cholesterol and allergy levels. Pets can also ease feelings of loneliness – becoming treasured family members and trusted companions.

Animal medicines allow our pets to live as long and comfortable lives as possible, supporting this crucial bond and protecting the health of the animals that do so much for our well being.

Agcarm chief executive Mark Ross with his dog Archie

Agcarm Chief Executive Mark Ross reminds pet owners to “look after your dogs every day,” and celebrate International Dog Day with the rest of the world on August 26. “Take them for walks, monitor their diet and give them your attention.”

Owners need to provide shelter, the right amount of nutritious food and ensure that their pets have veterinary treatment when needed, including vaccinations.

International Dog Day is held on August 26 to honour the bond between person and canine.

 Agcarm chief executive Mark Ross with his dog Archie