We all need more dogs in our lives

Pic Picot of Pics Peanut Butter, who recently spoke at the Agcarm Conference shares a few words about his dog, in recognition of International Dog Day on August 26.

“I have the privilege of owning (or rather joint owning with the Blind Foundation) a very handsome black Labrador named Fido.

Fido is unique in that his status as a trained guide dog entitles him to access any areas available to me as a member of the public. This includes hotels, restaurants and all forms of public transport.

His presence in places where dogs are rarely seen delights and surprises the people around him and he has a remarkable ability to connect people. On formal occasions, his propensity for working the room and making friends helps break the ice and bring people together a lot faster.

We all need more dogs in our lives.”


Pics Peanut Butter, Nelson