Our network

We belong to global organisations representing the crop protection and animal health industries. These networks provide professional and up-to-date resources and advice.



Agcarm is one of the founders of the Agrecovery rural recycling programme which recycles plastic containers and collects surplus agrichemicals.


CropLife International

CropLife International is a global federation representing the plant science industry.  It focusses on developments in crop protection and agricultural biotechnology.

Croplife promotes sustainable agriculture to benefit farmers, consumers and the environment.

Its activities are financed by member associations and research and development-driven member companies.



Agcarm is a trustee of the New Zealand Agrichemical Education Trust, also known as GROWSAFE which provides training on the safe, responsible and effective use of agrichemicals.


Health for Animals

Health for Animals is a global animal medicines association and represents companies engaged in research, development, manufacturing and commercialisation of veterinary medicines, vaccines and other animal health products.

Based in Brussels, Health for Animals represents 10 animal health companies and 28 animal health associations. Associations range from local small-sized enterprises to international companies. Overall, these companies represent approximately 80 percent of the global market for animal health products.




VICH is a global regulatory and industry committee which harmonises processes for registering veterinary medicines. The committee also discusses animal health issues such as antimicrobial resistance.  Its full title is the International Cooperation on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Veterinary Medicinal Products.

The committee oversees policy direction and ensures agreement between countries before endorsing guidelines. Most technical guidelines are developed by expert working groups. Europe, USA and Japan are the core participants, with New Zealand, Australia, Canada and South Africa appointed as observers.

Agcarm became an observer to the VICH Steering Committee in 2016.



Wormwise®  is a national initiative to provide farmers, vets and rural retailers with information and services to manage internal parasites in sheep and beef.

Agcarm is part of its management group.