Member benefits

Agcarm offers exclusive benefits to its members


Working with government

By liaising with regulators and other government departments, Agcarm:

  • offers a unified voice in dealing with issues at a governmental and regulatory level as well as the food industry, consumer and international bodies
  • identifies emerging regulatory and political trends and communicates them to members
  • encourages and assists science-based regulation process and standards.


Representing member interests

  • Member views are represented on industry-lead initiatives such as Agrecovery and GROWSAFE.
  • Speaks out on behalf of the industry in the media.


Help get products to market

  • Champions an environment which encourages innovation and investment.
  • Helps global distribution of products by facilitating harmonisation of regulatory guidelines.



Networking opportunities

  • Crop protection, animal health and distributor groups each meet twice a year to discuss industry issues, meet with stakeholders and prepare action plans.
  • Holds two conferences a year attended by members, government officials and other stakeholders.


Tools and resources

  • Labelling guide - Regulator-approved guidance on best practice labelling
  • Sales audits for crop protection (including market share information) and animal health (discounted rates for Baron’s comprehensive sales audit).
  • List of trade names of tracked substances.
  • Guidance on exempt laboratories – WorkSafe guidance available soon
  • Approved handler contacts
  • Free use of Haznote the registered trade mark for safety documentation required for transporting some hazardous substances.


Ethics and responsibility

Members are part of an industry that is guided by ethics and take responsibility for their products by minimising issues and managing risks.

Members’ products are recognised for their long-term role in protection of public health, energy, food and feed.

This is done by:

  • Advocating and promoting responsible use and product stewardship.
  • Working with training organisations to deliver relevant and up-to-date training for suppliers of agrichemicals.
  • Promoting ethical behaviours through the Agcarm code of practice for members.
  • Enabling easy access to safety data sheets at point of sale.



  • Encourages graduates to enter Agcarm industries by offering scholarships and presenting at universities.