Animal health

Agcarm represents manufacturers of veterinary medicines, vaccines and other animal health products in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s animal health industry turns over approximately $NZ367 million a year at a wholesale level. The bulk of this spending helps farmers and growers produce excellent food, fibre, and other primary products, and keep pets healthy.

We seek to foster a greater understanding of animal health matters and promote a predictable, science-based regulatory environment that allows industry to supply innovative and quality veterinary medicines, vaccines and other animal health products into a competitive market.

These products contribute to a healthy and safe food supply as well as a high standard of health and welfare for animals and people.

Graphics explaining topical issues

‘As Much as Necessary, as Little as Possible’: Antibiotics and Safeguarding Animal Health and Welfare’.

This animation promotes the responsible use of antibiotics in both animal and human health as the greatest way to ‘future proof’ them for next generations:

Healthier animals, healthier world

Animation explaining how animal health products contribute to healthier populations of animals and people: