What we do

Engage with Cabinet Ministers, officials, regulators, and stakeholders to ensure that decision makers take account of our industry’s views.

Membership benefits
Benefits for members include sales audit information, codes of practice, guides, and brochures.
Member benefits

Members have several opportunities a year to attend networking events. These include two full conferences, a formal dinner, special industry group meetings, and networking events with regulators.

Issues management
Take a lead role in managing issues of importance to the plant and animal science industries.
Agcarm works with regulators and other stakeholders to reach sensible solutions which help keep crops, animals and the economy healthy, while minimising risks to the public and the environment.

A number of industry newsletters are published each year.  Some are for members, others for wider audiences.
Agcarm is quoted regularly in the media as the trusted representative of the plant and animal science industries.
News and resources

Encourage graduates to enter our industry by offering scholarships.

Our objectives
  • Strive for effective and sustainable animal health and crop protection technology through industry leadership and advocacy.
  • Achieve a balanced and science-based regulatory environment that gives members freedom to operate and grow in New Zealand.
  • Enable farmers and growers to supply high quality food and fibre into domestic and global markets.
  • Create an environment that encourages competition through innovation. Promote stewardship and responsible use of products.
  • Support health and wellbeing of pets, livestock and people.
Our strategy

Our vision, purpose and prorities.