23 February 2020

Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables to stay healthy? If your diet is like most New Zealanders, the answer is probably ‘no’. Even though fruits and vegetables are rich in the nutrients that our… Read more >

21 January 2020

From weeding and spraying crops to taking care of cattle, digital technology is making its mark on agriculture. Self-driven vehicles are picking and grading fruit as well as detecting and pollinating flowers. Now the latest… Read more >

17 January 2020
The crop protection industry exists and thrives because it is the only way growers and farmers can reasonably be certain of a harvest. This is due to two main factors.  Firstly, plants, like all living… Read more >
9 January 2020
What was the last thing you ate? Do you know where it came from, or the journey it took to get to your plate? When consuming a meal, or creating one, we often think of… Read more >
29 October 2019
As we struggle to fathom how we ended up in the throes of a measles outbreak once again, we’re reminded of the importance of vaccinations to protect us from life-threatening diseases. This is no less… Read more >
1 October 2019
Glyphosate is used in New Zealand by farmers, councils and home gardeners. It has recorded more than 40 years of safe use and has been the subject of over 800 studies, all of which have… Read more >
26 August 2019
Pic Picot of Pics Peanut Butter, who recently spoke at the Agcarm Conference shares a few words about his dog, in recognition of International Dog Day on August 26. “I have the privilege of owning… Read more >
1 August 2019
A landmark report reveals that without crop protection products, New Zealand’s economy would lose between $7.5 to $11.4 billion. The New Zealand Institute of Economic Development recently released the report, ‘The Importance of Crop Protection… Read more >
1 July 2019
For millions of families in the developing world, farming is not just an occupation – it is their sole means of survival. Smallholder farmers grow several crops on small plots of land to support their… Read more >
1 June 2019
New Zealand is a low user of antimicrobials in animals, but needs to join intensive efforts required to overcome resistance to these vital medicines. Resistance is not only a human health issue. Antimicrobials are used… Read more >
1 May 2019
Bees have a vital role to play in food production and agriculture. They are extremely good pollinators of crops and contribute substantially to New Zealand’s multi-billion dollar agricultural economy. Pollination is essential for plants to… Read more >