6 December 2019
The common goal of protecting New Zealand’s native species brought together Iwi, the crop protection industry and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to safeguard native plants and animals. Māori, industry groups, regulators, and the crop… Read more >
8 October 2019

The peak association that represents New Zealand’s animal medicine and crop protection industries welcomes the National party’s new biotech policy. Agcarm chief executive Mark Ross says that updating New Zealand’s biotechnology regulations to embrace the… Read more >

26 August 2019
There is a wealth of evidence proving what dog owners already know – our pets are good for us. Dogs have a proven effect on stress and anxiety, and studies have concluded that dog owners… Read more >
9 August 2019
Government initiatives to put the onus on manufacturers for ensuring that their products can be recycled or disposed of safely is a step in the right direction for New Zealand’s environmental outcomes. A voluntary product… Read more >
8 August 2019
There is a wealth of evidence proving what many of us already know – our pets are good for us. Studies show that pet owners have lower blood pressure, cholesterol and allergy levels. Pets can… Read more >
23 July 2019
The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research today released a landmark report, showing that New Zealand’s economy would lose up to $11.4 billion without crop protection products – and that crops would lose 30 percent of… Read more >
13 June 2019
Forget the car, the swanky holiday or the latest iPhone. An Ashburton student, who’s just won a $2,500 scholarship from industry association Agcarm, has more practical uses for the cash. Imogen Redpath will use her… Read more >