Animals need to be protected from the wide variety of different pests and organisms that can cause or spread disease. These organisms typically reproduce very quickly so their population can increase rapidly, leading to infestations which cause illnesses, or death, in animals.

We seek to foster a greater understanding of animal health matters and promote a predictable, science-based regulatory environment that allows industry to supply innovative and quality veterinary medicines, vaccines and other animal health products into a competitive market.

These products contribute to a healthy and safe food supply as well as a high standard of health and welfare for animals and people.

New Zealand’s animal health industry turns over approximately $NZ367 million a year at a wholesale level. The bulk of this spending helps farmers and growers produce excellent food, fibre, and other primary products, and keep pets healthy.

Animal health has undergone a transformative change in the 21st century. Animals are receiving better care, medicines are becoming more targeted, and diseases have even been eradicated. There is better surveillance of global diseases, and monitoring of animal wellbeing and nutrition, through technologies such as smartphone apps, 'smart ear tags' and drones.

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