The industry and Agcarm are committed to the responsible use of crop protection products to provide a safe and abundant food supply.

The plant science industry fully supports regulation and is committed to continuous development of improved products.

By balancing environmental, economic and societal concerns, the plant science industry contributes to promoting sustainable agriculture.

Food – more is needed

Plant science technologies have helped farmers to double global food production over the last 50 years.

Food production must continue to increase – with an estimated 70 percent increase needed to meet rising demand for food by 2050.

The industry’s worth

New Zealand’s crop protection industry is estimated to be worth NZ$350 million a year at wholesale level and exports generate much more.

NZIER report: The Importance of Crop Protection Products for The New Zealand Economy

A landmark report by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research shows that New Zealand’s economy would lose up to $11.4 billion without crop protection products – and that crops would lose 30 percent of their value overall.

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